How it Works

Picture Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning
Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning

Here’s how it works: Carpet
A: Over 150,000 soft pliable nylon bristles assure thorough, deep-down penetration.

B: Dry foam generated in machine is deposited evenly just ahead of the brush.

C: Brush is adjustable to reach the base of any pile depth to loosen and lift soil into suspension for instant removal.

D: Powerful, built-in vacuum simultaneously extracts dirt-laden foam.

Von Schrader Upholstery Cleaning
Von Schrader Upholstery Cleaning

Here’s How it works: Upholstery
(A) Container for special liquid detergent.

(B) Exhaust air from electric motor travels to

(C) where it mixes with detergent to produce dry, dry foam.

(D) Dirt-dissolving foam rushes to (E) brush head.

(E) Nozzle of powerful vacuum removes dirt-laden foam from fabric.

(F) Foam with dirt held in suspension arrives in dirt receptacle tank after passing through (H) filter.