Have Your Furniture Beautifully Cleaned in Your Own Home

We use the famous Von Schrader Low Moisture Extraction System™.

Provides deep cleaning of your upholstered furniture – sofas, davenports, chairs. Cleaning is done in your home without any mess. No liquids touch fabrics. No odors. Furniture is dry within hours, completely clean, looking fresh and new. Ready to use same day. All work guaranteed. And the cost is low.


If possible, do not put furniture in direct sunlight as the powerful ultraviolet rays will cause fabrics to fade over time. You can extend the life and comfort of your furniture by rotating and reversing the cushions and pillows every one to two weeks. No matter the quality, foam will begin to compress with regular use. Rotating the cushions (like rotating the tires on a car) ensures a more even wear. Vacuuming your furniture every two to three weeks will also extend its life. Be sure to blot any spills and remember: Do Not Rub the area! Rubbing only serves to drive the spill deeper into the fabric. Working from the outside to the inside of the spill will prevent spreading. Be sure to test any cleaning method on an inconspicuous area to check for color bleeding. Do not attempt to wash or dry clean your own furniture. To maximize the life of your furniture investment, have your furniture cleaned professionally every two years or every year if used heavily.